3 Smart Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement for Your Small Business

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3 Smart Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement for Your Small Business

Instagram marketing is one of the best free ways to leverage the power of social media for your company. If you're a small business owner that is looking to grow your brand on Instagram, there are plenty of strategies that will help you do so. In this article, you'll learn 3 smart ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account.

We'll cover how to use hashtags in order to target more customers who might not know about your company yet, how commenting on other people's posts can generate new followers and drive more engagement on your content, and how targeting a particular niche market can bring in more engagement.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is a way for small businesses to get their products and services seen by customers they might not otherwise be able to reach. You can target potential consumers through demographics, interests, and other filters.

Why is Instagram marketing beneficial for your small business?

  • It's a great way to generate new leads and drive traffic to your website.
  • You can show off products, services, or behind-the-scenes footage of what it is like at your company.
  • The app has over 800 million monthly active users which increase the chances that you'll reach potential customers who aren't on Facebook

How to use hashtags to get more engagement on your Instagram posts?

One of the most successful ways to market on Instagram is by using hashtags.

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a pound sign (#) and consist of letters, numbers, signs, and symbols that people can add to their post in order to categorize it.

For example, if you are promoting a cosmetics brand, a popular hashtag to use is #wakeupandmakeup. By adding this hashtag to your post, it will show your content to people who are searching for that hashtag. Since this hashtag is often used by beauty lovers and makeup devotees, it's a great way to reach your target audience who would potentially be interested in buying your cosmetics.

Why should you be commenting on other people's posts to increase your Instagram engagement?

The best way to boost organic engagement on your Instagram posts is by commenting back to and liking other people's content. This will help you build a following, which can lead to more followers of your own page as well as exposure for your brand.

To start with, you should schedule time each day to be engaging with other accounts on Instagram. From replying to comments on your brand's posts to leaving thoughtful comments on your followers' public posts, this is a natural way to create better relationships with your audience. It also encourages people to engage with your content more often, as they feel like they're being valued.

How to target a niche audience on Instagram?

You can also target a niche audience by using hashtags to find people who share your interests. For example, if you own a haircare brand, then a search for the hashtag #haircaretips on Instagram will help you find content that your ideal customers would be interested in. Then look through the accounts that have posted content using this hashtag, and start to engage with their content. Leave comments on their posts and engage with them. Oftentimes, these types of people will start to follow your account and engage with your posts, if your content is similar to the content they are interested in.

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