Learn how to harness the power of social media marketing.

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How would you feel if you knew exactly how to use social media to easily attract your dream clients while saving time and money?

The truth is... learning how to successfully elevate and grow your brand online is the most powerful way to leverage today's technology to reach your ideal customers, save you time and money, and increase your company's revenue.

If you've been struggling to grow your Instagram audience, feel completely clueless about how to use Facebook ads, and want to learn how Pinterest can help you drive website traffic, attract new leads, and generate sales, you're in the right place.

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Before I tell you all about this powerful program, let's talk about who this is really for...

If you're a small business owner struggling to grow your company, a side hustler who wishes she could turn her hobby into a real business, or a passionate entrepreneur on a mission to follow her dreams, then you're in the right place.

If you've been unsuccessful with social media marketing or feel uncertain, overwhelmed, or confused about what steps to take, you're not alone. Many business owners have told me that they don't know what to do, how to invest their time or money, or how to cost-effectively reach their ideal customers.

Most small businesses don't have the big budgets that public companies and VC-backed firms do. So, the idea of hiring expensive agencies is out of the question.

Not to mention - you're probably not looking to be an influencer who spends all day creating content and posting online. But rather, you just want to know how to make your social media channels grow your business faster and easier. 

Whatever your reason for being here, I understand how you feel. As a digital entrepreneur (who started out knowing nothing about social media marketing and spent 10 years hiring experts and figuring it all out), I can relate to you.

If you've tried to grow your social media accounts without much success, have struggled to get new leads or attract new customers, or feel exhausted or frustrated just thinking about all of this, I totally get it! Been there, done that.


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Follow your dreams and make things happen. You'll feel excited to learn the secrets and strategies behind successful digital branding methods to more easily attract your ideal clients and customers.

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Save time, money, and effort while effectively doing online branding and marketing projects. You'll love learning how to use technology and automated systems to make your life easier and stress-free.

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Be confident, smart, knowledgeable, and organized while implementing a step-by-step, fool-proof action plan for success. You'll feel empowered and educated by knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.

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"If you want to stand out, don't be different, be outstanding."

~ Mae West


Inspiring Brands Academy®

Social Media Marketing Course

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A 3-part social media marketing course on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Discover success strategies, pro secrets, and inspiring ideas that save you time, money, and energy while growing your business.



By the end of this program, you will have...

  • Learned how to harness the power of Facebook (through marketing and advertising strategies) to reach your ideal clients and customers more cost-effectively. You'll save over $10k a month by running your own ads (rather than hiring an agency).
  • Learned how to more easily grow your Instagram audience and get more engagement with your content by reaching the people that want what you're offering. You'll find out supercharged proven ways to grow faster.
  • Learned how to increase your brand awareness and website traffic through Pinterest. You'll start attracting targeted leads and new customers 24/7.
  • Discovered a roadmap for social media success that generates real results.
  • Gone from feeling overwhelmed or confused about social media marketing to feeling inspired, confident, and smart about exactly what to do.

Ready to elevate your brand & business?

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Facebook Marketing + Ads

Learn how to quickly grow your brand using Facebook.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

  • Find out how I grew my brand's Facebook page to nearly 50k fans.
  • Learn how to easily reach your ideal customers by targeting exact demographics, interests, and much more.
  • Learn how to set up + use the Ads Manager system. I make it super easy, so you don't have to be a tech geek to understand it.
  • Discover pro tips for optimizing ad campaigns to lower customer acquisition costs and boost return on ad spend.
  • Learn how to create ads that drive real results, plus find out smarter ways to create ad content faster, and access ad swipe files.
  • Discover marketing expert tips on how to organically leverage Facebook to reach more people and get new leads for free.
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Instagram Marketing

Learn how to use Instagram for brand awareness and to drive sales.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

  • Find out how I grew my account to over 85K fans in just 12-months and attract hundreds of thousands of weekly views on my posts.
  • Learn how to quickly grow your audience, reach your dream customers, and get leads. 
  • Get access to the hashtag how-to guide, so that your hashtag strategy helps your content organically reach more people.
  • Learn how to easily create an eye-catching curated feed, engaging content, and pro-looking stories. Seriously, you'll be mind-blown when you realize how much time you can save creating and scheduling content.
  • Learn smart strategies to organically get more engagement on your posts. You'll even discover my best-kept secrets for getting posts to hit the explore feed and go viral.
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Pinterest Marketing

Learn how to use Pinterest to exponentially get more website traffic and generate more leads.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

  • Discover my "Perfect Pin" formula that has helped me attract 500K monthly views and grow my account to 25k+ followers.
  • Gain insight into your analytics to market to your ideal audience by optimizing your content so you know exactly what attracts your dream customers.
  • Find out how I use Pinterest to organically drive over 70% of my website traffic while vastly improving my site's SEO performance.
  • Learn how to use time-saving tech tools and smart strategies that help you radically increase brand awareness and reach your target audience faster and easier.
  • Discover the Pinterest Pro's secrets to scheduling pins, harnessing the power of communities and group boards, and more.

Ready to learn how to master social media?

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"Christina's creativity and ideas aren't her only affinities. While collaborating on a fitness tutorial series, I was impressed by her knowledge of the ins-and-outs of marketing through social media. We were able to reach new audiences and guide them through her blog to my website and Instagram!"



Owner of Physique Exercise Salon

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"I highly recommend Christina for any branding and marketing expertise. She has helped me and my company stand out and make a name for ourselves in the community. As a start-up medical spa, this was exactly the outcome we were hoping for."



Owner of Peninsula Glow Medical Spa

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"Inspiring Brands Academy is an in-depth, effective toolbox for managing your brand. I consistently looked forward to learning the new content, as it always made me motivated and prepared to take action. A business idea combined with Inspiring Brands Academy is an unstoppable team!"



Marketing & International Business Student


Here's what you get when you join.

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Instant access to the complete 3-part Inspiring Brands Academy Social Media Marketing Course
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17 lessons + videos, easy-to-follow formulas, strategies, and inspiring ideas that help you learn faster
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Exclusive customizable templates and PDF guides featuring Pro Tips from Social Media Marketing Experts



One Payment

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Hello, I'm Christina-Lauren Pollack.

For over 20 years, I've spent my career managing small businesses, building global brands, and doing online marketing. As I'm passionate about helping women succeed, I love educating and empowering female small business owners with online marketing solutions.

Over the past decade, I became a digital entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger + influencer, and grew my online community to over 300k followers (including celebrities, magazine editors, and industry leaders). My posts now reach millions of people monthly and help my companies earn money (even while I'm sleeping!).

Just like you, I was overwhelmed and confused when I started. So, I spent years hiring experts and learning from the pros on how to do Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing. 

A decade after I started, I now know exactly how to harness the power of these platforms to create real results for brands and businesses.

And I'm happy to share my knowledge with you!

I'm ready to get started!

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I'm excited to join you on your journey to success!

When I first started, I virtually knew nothing about how to create a successful brand online.

But, I believed I was capable of learning new skills, tools, formulas, and strategies. 

In the beginning, I was struggling with creating content, didn't know how to grow my audience, and had an embarrassingly low engagement rate. Not to mention - I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and was hustling every day just to get views, likes, and followers. It was exhausting and draining my energy.

So, I got smarter. After years of trial and error, hiring expensive coaches, and learning from top marketing experts, I discovered a roadmap for social media marketing success that helped me turn my brands into digital stars.

If you're feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, or frustrated - I get it! I used to feel similarly.

The good news is - I'm here to save you time, money, and energy by learning what to do and how to do it. So what are you waiting for?


Enroll Today!



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